Qcam8L – farve

Qcam8L – farve

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Det perfekte widefield kamera – og til en rigtig fornuftig pris.  Stor APS-C størrelse sensor, dejligt store pixels og 6Mpixel.  Køling til -45gr.

APS-C is a big size among one short color CCD cameras. QHY8L/8PRO is a 6 mega pixel camera with APS-C size SONY CCD sensor.

SONY’s CCD sensor is famous because its low thermal noise. Especially with QHYCCD’s 2-stage TEC and thermal construction design QHY8L has the cooling capability of -40C below ambient. It brings very clean image to you even in 30 minutes or one hour exposure.
QHY8L/8PRO has very low readout noise typical 6e or 7e. In a dark site it can give you a simple and easy way to capture the deep sky object. No need complex and high cost RGB filters and colorwheel. The image processing work is a lot more easy than mono cameras.
QHY8L/8PRO diameter is 63mm only. It is very small and very suitable for Hyerstar imaging.
QHY8L/8PRO comes with the cable clip and make the connection solid. You do not worry about any contact problem of the USB cable or power cable.

Main Features

  • Total pixel  : 3110 x 2030
  • Active pixels: 3032 x 2016
  • Pixel Size:    7.8um x 7.8um square
  • Color method:  RGB BAYER film on CCD
  • Effective sensor area: 28.4 mm diagonal
  • Readout noise: 6-10 e   @600 Kpixel/s
  • QE: 60% at Green (Peak) , 50% at Blue and H.a
  • Microlensing on chip
  • Progressive Scan
  • ABG: -110dB
  • 16bit ADC with CDS and Preamp
  • USB2.0 High Speed interface
  • Build in temperature sensor
  • DC201 with TEC controller/Regular
  • Ultra small size suitable for primary focus imaging and    Hyperstar
  • Weight: 400g

QHY8L has a low price than QHY8PRO.
The major different is the CCD sensor. QHY8L using a Two field readout sensor.After exposure the Red and half of green pixel is readout for first.Then readout the blue and another half of green pixel. QHYCCD use technology to keep the two field exposure period the same.  For long exposure there is no difference for them. To capture the fast movement object or fast various scene. We recommand the progressive scan sensor of QHY8PRO.
QHY8L Video Review by Astronomyshed,UK

Yderligere information

Vægt 450 g
Størrelse 25 × 15 × 20 cm


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